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Description and Important Messages

Tavakai made this wiki in May 2008. Win, it is. Believe the Yoda imitator, you shall.

Spriting in Chimoru Omega

Tavakai has done a huge chunk of spriting in Chimoru Omega, largely pose sheets. He has also sprited Jerbraz, an accomplishment so great that no spriter can achieve more.

  • 2001:McToran and sheet, sheets for each Toa Mata, front pose of Akaku.
  • 2002:Sheets for Toa Nuva (in Progress; Gali and Onua completed), Kaukau Nuva spinny.
  • 2004:Spinny for Dark709's new Great Huna, Vahki sheet.
  • 2005:Tahtorak. This was the first of his creations.
  • 2006:Piraka sheets, Piraka spinnies that Dark had not done, Inika head spinny, Nuparu Inika mask spinny, Axonn, Brutaka, Vezon sheet, Umbra.
  • 2007:Mantax sheet, Volitak spinny, Kongu sheet, Zatth spinny.
  • 2008:Jutlin spinny, Tanma mask spinny, Kirop mask spinny, Shelek spinny, Ignika spinny, Akaku Phantoka spinny. As part of the new 2008 project, VakamaTK has done Solek and Photok masks (including helmets), Kopaka wings, Antroz wings and the other type of wings, Makuta bodies, Tridax pods, shadow leeches, Chirox and Antroz tools, Kakama Phantoka, Rockoh, and probably more.
  • 2009: Everything except most of the vehicles.
  • 2010:Everything except Nektann. The feet shouldn't count, as they were a lazy edit of the spiky Inika foot.
  • 20234354325:Everything we know as of now.


  • There was once a lot of trivia here.

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