'Eat plasma, Hoto Bugs!

Making Photoshopped comics since June 3, 2009.

Age 15
Post Count 4000+
BZPower Status Regular Member
Wiki Status Moderator
Current Comics Live, Learn, and Lawsuits
Co/Multi Author Blade Titan974's Comics, BIONICLE: Retold, This is Madness, The Adventure Squad, A Chimoru Comic: Redux!, Comic.jpg, Noob War
Occupation Graphic Designer
Aliases Kahi; KH; Kahi Govaki; Mr. Govaki
Tools Adobe Photoshop CS2, Adobe Illustrator CS2, Adobe Photoshop CS4, Adobe Flash CS4, RPG Maker XP
School Homeschooled, Grade 10 (Sophomore in High School).
Operating System Windows XP, Windows 7, iOS 3.2.2
Current Project kahivision: freestyle


I am Kahinuva. 'Nuff said.

---My Contributions---

About Kahinuva

  • Kahinuva was inspired by Nuparurocks to start Live, Learn, and Lawsuits.
  • Kahinuva hates power outages, since he had to live with no power for a week because of a storm.
  • Kahinuva does not want to take piano lessons.
  • Kahinuva is forced to take piano lessons.
  • Kahinuva thinks that Six Shade Chimoru is epic.
  • Kahinuva also thinks that Xaniskit is epic.
  • Kahinuva thinks that Ten Shade Chimoru would be epic.
  • Kahinuva knows that Gerlicky would die if he had to create Ten Shade Chimoru.
  • Kahinuva thinks that the Generic Quest Season Two Finale will be even more epic than the Generic Quest Season One Finale, though he does not know if that will be possible because of Season One's pure epicness. However, he thinks that Dok might pull it off.
  • Kahinuva has inspired Mahar to make his own comics.
  • Kahinuva is a fan of Bionicle Star Wars.
  • Kahinuva likes Super Smash Bros Brawl.
  • Kahinuva is thinking of making a game called Shoop Da Whoop Bros Brawl.
  • Kahinuva likes NR's Comics, BT974's Comics, The Creator, TCTMOMNBMBIP, Generic Quest, SSM, The Newsroom, LIGHT, and, of course, LLL, infinitely more than Dark709's Comics.
  • Kahinuva is a major fan of his own work. If he wasn't, he'd be a very depressed comic maker.
  • Kahinuva has done school all summer to earn more free days during the year.
  • Kahinuva finished Biology and Algebra I before he was even a Freshman.
  • Kahinuva wants Premier Membership, but doesn't have the dough/greenbacks/smacaroonies.
  • Kahinuva is going to enter college this fall.
  • Kahinuva is planning on getting a degree in Computer Engineering.
  • Kahinuva already knows most of the stuff that they teach in his local high schools' Senior Computer Class.
  • Kahinuva wished that there was at least some more animation or computer programming classes where he live, but there aren't any at the moment to his current knowledge.
  • Kahinuva won't settle for that.
  • Kahinuva wants to be more active around here. Someday.


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