Toaster (TBL)


Species : Robot
Comics : The Comics of the Morons
Kanohi : None; Head is a Vahki's
Colors : Black, Orange
Element : N/A
Occupation : Stupid Idiot
Tools : None
Location : Somewhere in the Comic Land
Status : Functional
Pronunciation : N/A

This article is about The Bohrok Lord's Toaster. For other pages with similar names or ideas, see Toaster.

Toaster is an unintelligent character in The Comics of the Morons. He is portrayed as being incredibly stupid. He does silly stunts from time to time, but not as frequently as Sharnak.

He is also the self-proclaimed Squirrel King.

Character History

The Comics of the Morons

Toaster originally started out as the average, modern-day, kitchen appliance. Sharnak, wanting an assistant, bought and altered him to the point that he became a sentient robot which heavily resembles a matoran with a vahki head. He continued to annoy all of the cast due to his sheer stupidity.

He did very little throughout the series, as with the rest of the characters. However, in the unfinished Moon saga, it was shown that he was working with Bizzaro Sharnak, but it was never really revealed why in the comics, due the topic's closure shortly afterwords. It was going to be revealed that it was Bizzaro Vahki in disguise, the real Toaster being held prisoner and transformed by some sort of energy.

Other appearances

For a long time, Toaster was featured in Gavla's comics 2.0 and in Unity, Duty, Something. He also made two appearances in Philipnova798's comic factory 2.0 during the second season and is planed on having a third.


  • Toaster was unofficially retconned to be a Toasterbot.
  • Toaster was originally never intended to have a name. Characters would have referred to him as "that stupid, robot, toaster thing". This is evident in the first few comics, especially in the first two. In the first comic, Sharnak actually called him by this. In the second, Toaster asks for a name as a reward for picking a background. He suggested "Fred", but Sharnak rejected the idea. His name was revealed in the first character bio sheet.