Toa Matrak

Matrak mustardguy

Species : Toa
Comics : Dark709's Comics
Kanohi : ???
Colors : Yellow, green
Element : Microwaved Goods
Occupation : Toa Hapori
Tools : Spear(As Mustard Guy:Jetpack and several gadgets)
Location : Between BZ-Metru and Dark's studio
Status : Recently recovered from attack by Shadow Assassin‎
Pronunciation : MAY-trak


Though his exact history is yet to be revealed,the only thing we know is he was weakened by somebody,therefore turning into "Mustard Guy".

He was created by Hapori Tohu upon Hapori Dume weaking Tohu.



His first adventure during OoMB was to wait for the incoming Ta-Matoran ship along with Kazu,during his wait,he met 2 Elite BZ-Guards,whom were greeting Zero and Orez.

About 1 day after this,a Cargo ship zoomed past him and Kazu toward the incoming Ta-Matoran ship,beggining to attack it.

Kazu rose from his place and made a bridge out of "fried goods",but it was too late,the ship had taken a Ta-Matoran along with his invention.