The Unknown Turaga II: Land of Dragons


Author(s) : Turaga Dlakii
Current Season : N/A
Medium : Rayg 2.0
Island : Dracos Nui
Main Enemies : Shadow Dragons
Number of Movies : 0
Started On : June 26, 2006
Location : Northern Continent
Status : Complete
Pronunciation : "N/A"

The Unknown Turaga II: Land of Dragons is the second series written by Turaga Dlakii. Introduced to BZPower on June 26 2006, it took a year and a half to complete, despite being somewhat shorter than its predecessor series; this figure does not count the immensely delayed production of the finale, which was ultimately completed on December 27, 2008, dragging the series on for two and a half years.


Unlike most series by Dlakii, there was no build-up or early planning for Land of Dragons. Its existence was decided shortly before the end of the original series.

The Story

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For a more indepth plot summary, see The Unknown Turaga II at The Unknown Turaga Wiki.


The core cast of The Unknown Turaga II: Land of Dragons. Clockwise, from left: iKKF, Harkha, Dreiken, DudeNuva, Hev, Thekoo, Proto D in dragon form, Dlakii, and Lai.

The Characters

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