The Unknown Turaga


Author(s) : Turaga Dlakii
Current Season : N/A
Medium : Rayg 2.0
Island : Various
Main Enemies : Teridax
Number of Movies : One
Started On : January 16, 2006
Location : Northern Continent
Status : Completed
Pronunciation : "N/A"

The Unknown Turaga is the first series written by Turaga Dlakii, as well as the first one to be completed. Introduced to BZPower on January 16 2006, it set the scene for what is now The Unknown Turaga Saga. It was the second known epic, serious comic series in BZPower history.

Prior to release

As this was Dlakii's first series, there is not much to say about its origins. Dlakii's longtime friend Dreiken was a comic author back in 2005 and 2006. After meeting via an old comedy written by Dlakii, Dlakii started to read his comics, from which he gained the inspiration to write his own.

"Dreiken was single-handedly responsible for me thinking "ZOMG LIEK I WANT COMIXZ"."
-Turaga Dlakii, in this post

Shortly afterwards, in early January 2006, Dlakii found the Rayg Kit 2.0, after being directed there by Dreiken. Though it took him a while to learn how to use it, he eventually created the first episode of this landmark series.

The Story

See The Unknown Turaga at The Unknown Turaga Wiki.

The Game

Since Turaga Dlakii is in BZPower's video-game industry himself, he has planned quite a few games under the Unknown Turaga Saga banner. The only one he's bothered to publicise is one based on the original series and the movie, appropriately named The Unknown Turaga: The Game. This game, if not all of them, will be in a play style similar to the Fire Emblem series; indeed, Dlakii has spent quite a large amount of time trying to make aspects of The Unknown Turaga fit in with Fire Emblem game mechanics, and has even developed some of the sprites. This project has been in the works since 2006, much like the movie.

Thus far, plans include extra story content and characters to be introduced, in order to give the game some substance, and a very expansive number of weapons to be available over the course of the game, including the legendary weapons from the comics (such as Ivaldi). Enemies will include Rahi, Bohrok and Matoran/Toa, as well as Rahkshi.


  • The Unknown Turaga is set for a gradual re-release, with the graphics receiving a massive overhaul and the story and scripting receiving several major alterations. This new version will be named The Unknown Turaga: Chronicle Edition.
  • The Unknown Turaga apparently starts right after Takanuva's defeat of Makuta Teridax.
  • The Unknown Turaga was the second serious comic series to ever be created, therefore making it and its parent saga the longest-running of its kind.

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