The Seeker


Species : Matoran
Comics : VakamaTK's Comics
Kanohi : Noble Mahiki
Colors : Gold, Silver
Element : ???
Occupation : Chooser of Comic Makers
Tools : Who needs tools with awesome powers?
Location : Somewhere in the comic land
Status : Alive and well
Pronunciation : "N/A"

The Seeker is a character in VakamaTK's Comics.


Little is known about The Seeker's history, although VakamaTK might reveal it in his movie. In the comics, however, he teleported VakamaTK to a ship leaving the Comic Land after tasting some Protoade. He also fixed some randomness that popped up after VakamaTK chose his characters. The Seeker is also responsible for changing Crazy-Lihkan38 from his noob Toa form to a true comic maker.


This guy has so many powers that it would probably blow your brains out if you knew all of them (in fact, that might be one of them). His known powers are:

  • Teleporting (himself and others)
  • Restructuring reality


The Seeker was originally one of the default color schemes for Chimoru Omega. Since he already had a Le-Matoran, and this looked more like Torri torri from Dark709's Comics, VakamaTK decided to change his colors. The Seeker was then an Onu-Matoran. VakamaTK was not satisfied with this either, so he decided he would be a Ta-Matoran. When he was recolored in a Lhikan-like gold, VakamaTK discovered how cool he would look as gold and silver, so changed him to that, which changed his matoran type.