The Pirogi Vampire


Author(s) : Zakitano™
Current Season : Six
Medium : Chimoru Omega, Razor Kit
Island : The Comic Land
Main Enemies : Ahkmou
Number of Movies : One
Started On : December 26, 2007
Location : BZP Studios
Status : Ended
Pronunciation : thuh pih-roh-gee vam-pyer

The Pirogi Vampire is a studio comic series written by Zakitano™ that is heavily based on Dark709's Comics. They are best known for their focus on Walmart and their almost complete lack of storyline. The Pirogi Vampire has never been able to stay alive for long, a trend that started when Zakitano dumped all of his PGSes.

On January 23, 2009 Zakitano launched the sixth season of The Pirogi Vampire, which was temporarily closed on March 3, and later reopened with a daily strip. On June 13th, 2010, Zakitano cancelled the series in favor of The Pirogi Vampire: Reimagined.


The major characters of the comic series are Hoji,Turaga Nikila,Inverted Tanma,Knob, Hahli, Kongu, Pink Bionicle Ninja,and Zakitano's parents.

Character Description
Hoji Hoji is Zakitano's best friend, although given to pranks that usually either backfire or have horrible outcomes. He is also known for his wit, which is used to put down multiple people, usually Pink Bionicle Ninja.
Knob Knob is an easily insulted Matoran who is obsessed with Bananaquats.
Turaga Nikila Turaga Nikila is a gun-obsessed Turaga of Lightning. She objects to any questions about her past and acts as the studio's guard.
Inverted Tanma Inverted Tanma is an color-inverted Av-Matoran.
Matoran Kopaka Matoran Kopaka is an idiotic Matoran version of Kopaka.
Hahli Hahli is Toa Inika of water. She is known for tricking Kongu into thinking "All the bees have lost their stingers."
Kongu Kongu is Toa Inika of Air. He is usually the receiving end of an "All the bees have lost their stingers" joke, resulting in him being stung multiple times.
Zakitano's Parents Zakitano's mom and dad

The Comics

Season One

Season Two

Season Pi

Miniseason One

  • Pi The Pirogi Vampire starts again.
  • Old Comics Hahli and Inverted Tanma get in a fight over old comics.
  • Earth Day The Pirogi Vampire celebrates the green holiday.
  • Arbor Day Day Zakitano gets a new "tree".

Miniseason Two

Season Four

Season Five


The headers seen so far.

Season Six


  • The Pirogi Vampire header changes each season, having noticeably evolved from the first one.
  • The Pirogi Vampire is one of the only comics to have accepted PGSes at one point, then dumped all of them simultaneously.

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