The Disciple

The Disciple picture

Species : Matoran
Comics : The Mercenus Chronicles
Kanohi : A Gear Head Mantle
Colors : Golden hands and legs, bronze arms and chest, grey everything else
Element : Light
Occupation : Guardian of Tohu
Tools : Sickle-staff of Light
Location : Current: An apartment in BZ-metru, Former: An area underneath "The Mistika" bar
Status : Sleeping on a table
Pronunciation : None

The Disciple is the title of one of the main characters in The Mercenus Chronicles. Currently, his name is unknown, as well as his past and the full extent of his powers.

Fictional Biography

Pre-Mercenus Chronicles

The Disciple has kept his history to himself, the author states that this is because it includes many spoilers for the future, he also wants to reserve it for much later.

According to his character Bio, the Disciple was one of 4 warriors chosen to protect Hapori Tohu after Tohu lost his powers attempting to seal Hapori Dume away. With this job, each of the warriors were given a title; one was given "The Disciple", these warriors had to fight for their lives against untold odds for the safety of Tohu. Also, according to recent information sent by the Author, during The Origins of Malice Borg, the Disciple went on a Crusade by the Orders of Tohu, however the reason for this crusade is unknown at this time.

The Mercenus Chronicles

The Flashbacks

The Disciple is first encountered in the cellars of a recreational Bar called "The Mistika". When The SPAM attacked the bar in search for Rangan Mercenus, Rangan fell through a hole which lead into the cellar where The Disciple resided. After a fierce battle involving staffs, The Disciple and Rangan came to an agreement to fight along side each other. Quickly, they devised a plan to free Bradon, Bradbot and the rest of the bar from the clutches of the SPAM. Succeeding in this, Rangan, The Disciple, Bradon and Bradbot they quickly searched for the leader of the assault, only to find a note pronouncing that the leader has taken a train to BZ-metru, in search of destroying the High Council Tower. To be continued...

Personality and traits

The Disciple has been known to have a love for Fridges, however unlike Bob, The Disciple is not addicted to them, and can survive life without Fridges.
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The Disciple is also a brave and fearless warrior, who just wants to get the job done and get home to his drink.


  • The Disciple has no Bizzaro version of himself, as he Personally killed his Bizzaro in order to prove himself to Tohu.
  • The Disciple has a fear of Chuck Norris (however, everyone SHOULD fear Chuck Norris)
  • If the Disciple had been by Tohu's side in Oomb, Bormatu would have been killed, thus not releasing the fowl beast that is Malice Borg.
  • The Disciple has been known to charge and fire his lazor... however not as of recently.