That's Messed Up: The Series


Author(s) : Gerlicky
Current Season : 2
Medium : Picture comic
Island : Scrui-Nui
Main Enemies : Fakeus and the Toybox Army
Number of Movies : 0
Started On : Unknown
Location : N/A
Status : Dead
Pronunciation : N/A

That's Messed Up: The Series is a comic series by BZPower member Gerlicky. This series was followed by That's Messed Up: Creator's Wrath.

BZPower History

That's Messed Up was inspired by a picture comic maker who was a permanent guest star but never noticed. Gerlicky first put an ad in his sig as a request for six permanent guest stars. Only five remain to this day. However, no one found the comics, not knowing they didn't exist yet.

One of the things about the comics that disturbed Gerlicky was that most of the characters were permanent guest stars. The lack of creativity (along with a noob invasion) was the thing that made Gerlicky close his topic. However, the comic idea did not truly die- he moved the comics to his blog, where they would be tougher to find for noobs.


Character Description
Gerlicky A Matoran of Plasma. He seems strangely smarter here.
Tetrii A Matoran of Air. He tends to be very dim-witted.
Greenboots A Matoran of Fire with terrible luck.
~Toa Lesovikk~ A Toa of Air. He wields two mysterious squiggles.
Satogo A Matoran of Earth with two color schemes. He believes himself to be Mata Nui's gift to Ga-Matoran.
Sardika A male Toa of Water. He gets angry at anyone who believes otherwise.
Takuma Nuva A prototype Matoran of Light. He's a smart Matoran with a strange color scheme.
Blade Titan974 A Ta-Matoran who mails himself to Scrui-Nui. His mask is either a Hau or a Pakari.
Chokii A Po-Matoran who loves chocolate. He's the only permanent guest star who isn't a real BZPower member.
Fakeus An unknown, evil being. He's weak and pathetic.
Little Green Men Weird little aliens bent on world conquest.
Toa Igniter A being that looks like a Toa who can change his element. He sees everybody as a Piraka who has captured the Matoran of Voya Nui.



  • Gerlicky is currently considering quitting his comics completely, as he had to sacrifice parts for a new Bionicle story-based comic.
  • That's Messed Up: The Series is the first comic to have Chokii as a permanent guest star.
  • This comic is the first appearance of Toa Igniter, although some in the BBC Empire in BZPower would think otherwise.