Species : Matoran
Comics : That's Messed Up: The Series
Kanohi : Gold Matoran Kakama
Colors : Dark green with Metru red feet
Element : Air
Occupation : Matoran
Tools : Varies. A lot.
Location : Scrui-Nui
Status : Alive and stupid
Pronunciation : TEH-tree

Tetrii is the "king of the spears" in That's Messed Up: The Series.


Pre-Comic Series

Tetrii was sent to Karzahni for repairs a couple das after he went mad. Tetrii's structure was ruined, and he sought a way out. Eventually, he found a cannon and blasted out. Betwen that time, he met Greenboots (now known as Trevor) and a couple others. Tetrii shot himself out of the cannon and ripped a hole in the fabric of time, landing in the dimension with Meta-Nui (though he did NOT land on Meta-Nui.)

Tetrii and Gerlicky met during a vital point in the island's history. A group of Matoran were kidnapping their troops and forcing them off the island. After a final battle and the defeat of the tribe, the island rose to the sky and an elevator was built.

That's Messed Up: Creator's Wrath

In time, Tetrii was able to move to The Underworld, after pushing Gerlicky down the portal to it. When he entered a portal leading to the island of Coros, Tetrii found a mysterious flying vehicle within Fort Garage. He later became a Toa after an energized protodermis leak began to spread onto four Matoran, including himself.

He has since transformed into a Matoran again.

Next TMU installment

Spoiler Warning: The following contains things that we believe spoil ending details, newly released names, etc. (Please highlight the white space below if you want to read it.)
Tetrii is scheduled to appear in TMUtLG. He is the legendary hero's best friend, but is often kidnapped so he can't adventure with him.


Tetrii is the self-proclaimed "king of the spears" and enjoys poking, stabbing, and skewering, but it's been discovered he has an unusual skill in archery.

Tetrii is a character in NightOwls. Because the series is more serious, Tetrii's intelligence has been toned up a bit.


Tetrii first appeared in That's Messed Up: The Series. He has also appeared in two comedies by Gerlicky, and will appear in a third sometime soon.


"Well, what's green and red and can't live without polishing his spear for one day?"
— Gerlicky
"Where I come from, everybody is happy, jolly, and stabby!"
— Tetrii
"I wonder where I can find a good burger after all this is over?"
— Tetrii
"Mail's here. There's a package. Big one. This big. I mean it. Should I get it?"
— Tetrii, before delivering Blade Titan974
"...or maybe confetti will fly out!"
— Tetrii


  • Tetrii originated in an epic to be written on the Lego Message Boards. Blech.
  • The original design of Tetrii had an Ehlek head.
  • Tetrii and Chokii's relationship varies in different comics. In the first comic with Chokii, he was Tetrii's rival, but in Blade Titan974's fan comic, Tetrii was afraid of Chokii. In an upcoming comic, they will be getting along nicely.