Species : Matoran
Comics : The Newsroom
Kanohi : Noble Rau
Colors : Green
Element : Air
Occupation : Unknown
Tools : Lai
Location : Channel Billion Studios
Status : Undermining DudeNuva
Pronunciation : tah-mah-roo

Tamaru is a trouble-making Le-Matoran, loosely based off the official Bionicle character of the same name. He was introduced into The Newsroom at the suggestion of DudeNuva.

Before The Newsroom

Long before either Dlakii or DudeNuva started writing comics, DudeNuva wrote comedies, and lots of them. His most successful was called Crazy Koro Happenings, one which encompassed nine pages, was basically a parody of events on Mata Nui. One of his most popular characters was a rendition of Tamaru which was basically evil.

When DudeNuva began his first foray into comic-making, he kept Tamaru as a character, even giving him some henchmen. However, these comics were somewhat short-lived.

Eventually, Dlakii offered the role of Newsroom co-author to DudeNuva, who subsequently accepted the job. As Dlakii asked DudeNuva to contribute one character from his comics, DudeNuva chose to add Tamaru.

In The Newsroom

Tamaru is basically the bad guy of the series. Though he has no real job, he is commonly seen around the studio wreaking havoc in some form. Apparently, he often acts indirectly, tricking Lai into doing all of his work.


  • An earlier design of Vortex from LIGHT looks remarkably similar to Tamaru. This design can be seen in Dlakii's entry into the Froops Season 2 Co-Author contest.