Species : Matoran
Comics : That's Messed Up: Creator's Wrath
Kanohi : Dark Red "Zombie Mask"
Colors : Dark red and black
Element : Fire
Occupation : Member of the Matoran Task Force
Tools : Rifle
Location : The Underworld
Status : Alive
Pronunciation : n/a

TTMR is the former Sardika, a PGS in That's Messed Up: Creator's Wrath.


TTMR is a Ta-Matoran, but he did not start as one. Originally, he was Sardika, Toa of Water. After That's Messed Up: The Series was closed. Sardika wandered aimlessly, somehow ending up on the island of Coros. Eventually, he learned of the Staff of Power and aimed to find it. However, he was captured by Dr. Skakdopus and his minions. After a few "safety tests", he changed to a Ta-Matoran and lost most of his courage.

Personality and Traits

TTMR is afraid of educational television, most notably Dora the Explorer. As he has lost some sense of real and unreal, he is afraid that this show is "out to get him". As a result, he carries a gun with him that fires several bullets while juggling some in the air. This gun is perhaps the closest the characters, used to fantasy worlds, can get to real-world items.


TTMR stands for The Toa Mistika Rule. This is the former Sardika of BZPower.

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