TNToran Revolution


Author(s) : Takuma Nuva
Current Season : 1
Medium : MNOLG-style Character Creation Kit
Island : Mata Nui (Alternate Dimension)
Main Enemies : Mordax, Soldiers of Infection
Number of Movies : 0
Started On : May 12 2008, 12:59 AM Central
Location : N/A
Status : Discontinued until further notice
Pronunciation : "TEE-EN-TORE-an REV-oh-loo-shun"

TNToran Revolution is Takuma Nuva's comic series using the MNOLG-style Character Creation Kit.


TNToran was created out of a desire for a more professional and improved comic appearance. After Takuma Nuva discontinued his original comic series, Takuma Nuva's MNOLG-style Comics, he spent a period of time preparing for a new comic series with many improvements over the last series.

However, due to his desire to write more serious works and the business in his life, Takuma has temporarily discontinued the series. The topic was closed by Pohuaki, but was revived after the server burp deleted Pohuaki's closing. It has since been closed.


Character Description
Takuma Nuva Prototype Matoran of Light. Main protagonist of the comics. Wears Matoran Kakama Nuva.
Ackua Matoran of Acid. Best friend of Takuma Nuva. Wears Matoran Miru Nuva.
Lybeth Matoran of Electricity. Fiesty and slightly pessimistic. Wears Matoran Volitak.
Xarna Matoran of "The Green". Weapons expert and reciever of visions. Wears Matoran Kraahkan.
Steak Boy Matoran of Stone. Has uncontrollable food obssession. Wears Matoran Great Ruru.
Tirvon Assumed to be a Matoran with limited fire and earth powers. Extremely bossy and egotistical. Wears Matoran Great Rau.
Bombay Matoran of Bazooka. A lawyer with a habit of watching too much television. Wears Matoran Great Komau.
Ghostaka Ghostly Matoran. Can cast spells and sometimes speeks only in song titles. Wears Olmak.
Zanthro Matoran of Iron. Intelligent builder and inventor. Wears Matoran Rode.
Mordax As of yet, Unknown Matoran type. Is passionately evil for reasons not yet apparant. Wears Matoran Noble Huna.

List of Comics

  • Revealing The Revolution
Released: 05/12/08
  • Secret Of The Red Star
Released: 05/28/08
  • A New Soldier Of Infection
Released: 06/11/08
  • That's Bizzare...
Released: 07/13/08
  • The Great Dish Of Power (An Ode To Dishes)
Released: 08/09/08
  • Satogo's Burnin' Up
Released: 09/16/08

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