Storm Lasher479

SL479 Card

Species : Matoran
Comics : Blade Titan974's Comics
Kanohi : Lhikan-Style Hau
Colors : Dark Grey, Black
Element : Shadow
Occupation : Main Villain
Tools : Current: Various
Soon: Meta Edge
Location : Meta-Nui
Status : Scheming
Pronunciation : You can say that!

Storm Lasher479 is an exact opposite to Blade Titan974. He's evil. He even hates muffins. Storm Lasher is a super genius. Or at least as an inventor, because all of his plans fail. He is assisted by Dark Panther and Battle Arachnoid. He is currently trying to kill Blade Titan974, and he will soon start his best plan yet...


The Lost Days

Storm Lasher's past is currently a complete blank. No one, not even his own henchmen know about the origin of his evil ways. However, they do know that Blade Titan and Storm Lasher had a certain kind of relationship. Whether they were friends or rivals is certainly unknown. Blade Titan doesn't even know himself. Storm's lackies also know that he was not a Shadow Matoran from birth. It is probably unlikely that a random Makuta swooped in and stole his light energy though. Perhaps one day, these questions will be answered.

The Present

Storm Lasher479's first official appearance was during the pilot comic of Blade Titan974's Comics. He appeared to be a random maniac who just barged in to kill Blade Titan. His poorly thought up plan failed when Chokii flew in to attack Storm Lasher, who was said to "look like he tastes like chocolate." Storm Lasher was properly introduced in the next comic, where he hired his two henchmen (Who mysteriously appeared out of nowhere), and attempts another barge-in plan. Now he continues attempting to kill Blade Titan with slightly better plans. Although, each and every one fails miserably. However, they were decoys to through off his defense, so that he will be totally surprised by his ultimate plan...

Other Appearances

Storm Lasher479 has appeared in VakamaTK's Comics disguised as a Skakdi bodyguard apparently for a villain brawl against Jack the Magic Pirate and Doctor Bob, although it is unknown who won the brawl, or even if there was a brawl at all!

Along with his two henchmen, Storm Lasher appeared in That's Messed Up: Creator's Wrath in Blade Titan974's birthday comic, and will be making an appearance in Philipnova798's Comic Factory The Movie- Attack of Dr. Madness. Storm also appears in The BZP Whales as Blade's evil character for the series.

He made an unofficial appearance in Philipnova798's Comic Factory 2.0 with his henchmen. The author of the comic in question, Sir Kongukopeke of Bobooba probably used the characters without permission.


"Now it's time to die!"
— Storm Lasher during his first failed plan.
"Nature stinks! Literally!"
— Storm Lasher regretfully saying his ignorant opinions on nature.
"So we're not wearing green. What are you going to do? Pinch us?"
— Storm Lasher on the St. Patricks Day where you use weaponry instead of pinching.
"... . ... ... ...."
— Storm Lasher most likely teasing Ko-Matoran and saying that a plan is foolproof at the same time.