Scrui-Nui is the main island for That's Messed Up: The Series.


Scrui-Nui is an island to the northeast of Meta-Nui. It is an island made of rock and vegetation that rests on a stone pillar. Guests can enter via ariship or use a boat and park in the parking lot, then take the elevator up. A makeshift Matoran village is closest to the eastern shore, and a river flows through the jungles. A forest was discovered near another village, one which gets little or no light.

Villages and Koro

The Scrui-Nuians are capable of building massive structures and villages without any aid from Turaga. Preferably the only Koro known of at this point is Wii-Koro, home of the Wii-Matoran (now known as Matoran of Elasticity). There is a village to the northwest that is rumored to have some Matoran of unknown origin. This village remained undiscovered until later.


The island was always existant, but was not always on a stone pillar. Before, the island was divided between few Matoran and several insane and filthy-masked ones. After a long civil war, the stone pillar rose from the ground, turning the east shore into a waterfall.


The island has many inhabitants, some are original and some are permanent guest stars. They include:

*Has not yet moved and is scheduled to move there in the final installment of That's Messed Up.


  • Additional to the inhabitants, there is a Muaka with no biomechanical armor whatsoever. This is because Gerlicky's cat appeared in the middle of the scene.
  • The name "Scrui-Nui" was coined by Macku: Toa of Bubbles after a contest in Gerlicky's blog.