Random Blue Matoran


Species : Matoran
Comics : Philipnova798's Comic Factory 2.0
Kanohi : Noble Rau
Colors : One shade of blue
Element : Water
Occupation : Comic character
Tools : N/A
Location : Phil's Comic Studio
Status : Alive
Pronunciation : N/A

Random Blue Matoran is a character in Philipnova798's Comic Factory 2.0

Character Overview

Random Blue Matoran (RBM for short, real name- Blue) is the only male Ga-Matoran in history that isn't a Comic Maker. He lived in Ga-Metru for a while until he got a job. His job was to be a comic character. No one wanted him however. Blue was about to give up when Philipnova798 saw Blue and figured that he had potential.

Over his time at the studio, he has been ignored often. And is seen as Tahu Nuva's friend on occasion. When Mercenus guest stared in the series. Raenda noticed the male Ga-Matoran and promptly chased after him.

After the switch to Xaniskit. Blue has since been made with a Female sprite (although he still retains his personality, and his actual gender). It is unknown when (or even if) Blue will return to his original form. This change make blue not really happy, but he has learned to live with it.

Other Appearances

Random Blue Matoran has appeared in The Mercenus Chronicles. In this appearance, he (Rangan Mercenus mistook him as a her, Phil corrected him. This was also on BZPower.) appeared at the end of Phil's GS comic saga. When Phil was returned to sub infection. He, Dino Girl, Link, Gatling Gun Henry and almost everyone else in Phil's comics, did not (or in Blue and Dino Girl's case, until the end) appear in this comic saga.

RBM was set to appear as a main character in Project Unlikely but was removed by Skorpyo. He will be appearing however, in the Unlikely Wars portion of the series.

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