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Onepu is a Matoran from the canon BIONICLE storyline. He is also a character in many different BZPower Comics:

Lavaside Rahi and Lady Ervai Comic Studios

Onepu only appears in the movie of these comics. He is just as he is in the BIONICLE storyline (despite the fact that Onepu Nuva appears as well) and helps defend the rest of the matoran from the Grapes of Wrath. He was recently injured, leaving Tiafu in charge of the Ussalry.

Blade Titan974's Comics

Main Article: Onepu (BT974's Comics)

In Blade Titan's comics, Onepu isn't how he is in the BIONICLE storyline. He is instead an idiot who hogs Blade Titan's computer. He also likes cheese. A running gag in the series is whenever he sees a famous member of BZPower (or who he thinks is a famous member), he expresses his tendencey to "die".

Dark709's Comics

Main Article: Onepu Nuva

Dark's Comics, he found energized protodermis and jumped in it because he wanted to be a Toa. However, only his masked changed to Nuva, thus Onepu Nuva was born. He is self-conscious about his big head and is crazier than in the storyline.