Author(s) : Cei, Hordikaman111, Mr.Maniac
Current Season : One
Medium : RZMIK
Island : Unknown
Main Enemies : None
Number of Movies : None
Started On : July 14, 2008
Location : Cei's house
Status : Dead
Pronunciation : N/A

MehK was a comic series started by Hordikaman111 and Cei, with Mr.Maniac later joining as an author. It used the RZMIK sprite kit and was generally pleased for it's humor.


The MehK series layout, banners, and letters are generally represented with a White-Black linear gradient color scheme and pixeled letters saying MehK.

The MehK letters remain fundamental to the comic series and also act as its logo.


The MehK letters along with the main colors.


Please note that all characters are taken from the spritesheet.

  • Cei - A paranoid, stupid and crazy author of the comic series.
  • HordikaNOVA - Yet another paranoid, stupid and crazy author.
  • Koolsha - With K's past comics, she's said to be bossy but yet it is unknown whether she still keeps this personality.


MehK had a crossover with I MADE THIS, with K receiving a visit from Hau agency and telling him to "go bother Tapika". The Hau agency agent then goes to Tapika's house, with no one home.

Also, K ignores a visit from a money giver, and they go to Tapika's home. TOASTER receives the money, and uses to buy an island on eBuy.

The total amount of money he received was 1,000,000 widgets.

TOASTER MKII also makes a cameo in the same comic.


  • The title was taken from the online expression MKay.
  • Although a coincidence, those are also one of the RZMIK Revolutions' creators' initials.
  • TOASTER makes a cameo appearance in Comic 3.
  • The North-western Isles Continuity is the first new comic continuity since The Unknown Turaga Saga and Dark709's Comic Land continuity (Actually, NWI stemmed off D709's continuity).

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