Species : Matoran
Comics : TNToran Revolution
Kanohi : Matoran Volitak
Colors : Orange/Goldenrod with pink eyes
Element : Electricity
Occupation : N/A
Tools : N/A
Location : "Second Chance" Pocket Dimension, Island of Mata Nui
Status : N/A
Pronunciation : LIE-beth.

Lybeth is a Matoran and later Toa of Electricity.



Species : Toa/Toa Nuva/Toa Elmentika
Comics : None yet
Kanohi : Zorman: Mask of Suggestion
Colors : Orange/Goldenrod with pink eyes
Element : Electricity
Occupation : Toa Mysta
Tools : Electro Sledge Hammer, later two Shock Drills
Location : Unknown
Status : Unknown
Pronunciation : LIE-beth


While Lybeth appears in TNToran Revolution, she is not actually present in the "Second Chance" Pocket Dimension in Action In The Background.

Very little is known about Lybeth's past other than that she used to be named "Gilbrae". Why she received a name change is not know either.

It is not yet known what book of Action In The Background Lybeth will first appear in.

Abilities and Traits

Lybeth is able to look at any situation almost completely un-biased, though she can sometimes be pessimistic about a situation. When necessary, she can be very convincing, which is further helped by her Mask of Suggestion.

Lybeth believes in working towards one goal at a time with minimal distractions. She is easily aggravated and will taunt her enemies even under the most stressful battle situations.

Mask and Tools


As a Matoran, Lybeth wears a Matoran Volitak.

It is not yet known what tools Lybeth prefers to use.

Toa/Toa Nuva/Toa Elmentika

As a Toa, Lybeth wears a Kanohi Zorman: Mask of Suggestion which allows her to insert thoughts and ideas into a target's mind. It is possible that this mask gains an additional supporting ability at Nuva level, but it is not yet known.

As a Toa, Lybeth carries a large sledge hammer-type tool to channel her elemental power. After being transformed into a Toa Nuva, she uses two long, slim drills. She can also attach these to her feet to help her climb rock walls or slippery walls by drilling them into the surface. The grip can even allow her to walk upside-down on a tunnel ceiling.

Upon donning the Elmentika Armor, Lybeth and the other Toa Mysta will receive another weapon to add to their armaments.


  • Before electricity was deemed a female element, Lybeth was going to be a male Toa of Electricity named Ehkron. After the female status, Ehkron switched name and gender with Gilbrae Toa of Plasma.
  • The names "Gilbrae" and "Lybeth" were inspired by names of two people Takuma Nuva knows. While a storyline reason has not yet been provided, the switch from "Gilbrae" to "Lybeth" was inspired partially by an unfortunate even in the author's workplace and by a very fortunate event in his general life.