This article is about the former comic author. You may be seeking the article about the comic character of the same name.

Lai: Toa of Shadows, commonly abbreviated to Lai for obvious reasons, is a member of BZPower. Though he has made comics himself, he is best known for his roles assisting his elder brother, Turaga Dlakii, and being a central character of Dlakii's various comics.

He has written his own comics before, Lai's City Stories and Lai's City Stories Beta, but they didn't last for to long. He was writing a replacement comic series called Lai's City Stories Amethyst, who will also guest star Zippy toa of lightning, one of Lai's friends on BZPower. But this was replaced with his newest comic series. At present, he is in the late planning stages of an entirely new and different comic series, with Dlakii assisting and advising him in the areas of plot and design. It is called The Story of Lai, and it is said to be "coming sooner than you think".

However he scrapped The Story of Lai and decided to make Amethyst instead.