Author(s) : Turaga Dlakii
Current Season : N/A
Medium : The ToM Kit 2
Island : Destral
Main Enemies : Chya, BoM
Number of Movies : 0
Started On : March 1, 2008
Location : Northern Continent
Status : Inactive
Pronunciation : "N/A"

LIGHT is the long-anticipated third series in Turaga Dlakii's Unknown Turaga Saga. The first chapter was placed on BZPower on March 1, 2008.

The series wasn't too frequently updated, especially after Chapter 7 (currently the last). Due to the author's banning, the series' fate is unknown.

Prior to release

The concept of LIGHT was first created early in 2006, not long after the release of The Unknown Turaga. The main characters were first revealed in this post in Turaga Dlakii's Comic Emporium (though the post contains out-of-date details, such as the presence of Toa Lhikan in the story).

From the beginning, the intention was to release it after The Unknown Turaga II: Land of Dragons was finished. As a result, it was not released until 2008.

The Story

See LIGHT at The Unknown Turaga Wiki.



A demonstration of a photographed inset, from Chapter 3 of LIGHT. This scene depicts Hev being rescued from a landslide by Toa Iruini and Toa Gaaki.

LIGHT is presented in a very unique manner; though the series, for the most part, consists of standard sprite comics (albeit brimming with Photoshop effects), this form of presentation has been known to vary in two ways.

In some comics, one frame is occasionally presented as a photo of MOCs of the characters, rather than sprites; this is intended to provide a more detailed look at the events of the series. This is a unique, one-of-a-kind form of presentation which has never been done before.

Also, the series is planned to be occasionally perforated with fully animated and voice-acted chapters, as done with Chapter 20 of The Unknown Turaga II: Land of Dragons. At present, the first of these is scheduled to be Chapter 9.


Though there is no true, definite schedule for the production of LIGHT, Dlakii attempts to make at least one a month which, given the typical enormity and high-quality of the comics, is harder than it sounds. Indeed, this schedule has lapsed on many occasions, with Dlakii delaying a bit too much, much to his distaste. Sometimes this can be attributed to the presence of an actual life and responsibilities, but more often than not sheer laziness is the cause.


*Note that "status" refers to their status as of the latest episode of LIGHT, rather than as of the end of The Unknown Turaga II: Land of Dragons.

Image Name Description Status
ToaDlakii Dlakii Formerly a Ko-Matoran, now the Toa Calix of Light. Somewhat bitter. Alive
ToaHarkha Harkha Formerly an Onu-Matoran, now the Toa Calix of the Chemical Elements. Dlakii's best friend, and skilled in the arts of peace. Alive
ToaEnira Enira Formerly a Ga-Matoran, now the Toa Calix of Shadows. A truly caring friend. Alive
ChyaPromo Chya The Brotherhood of Makuta's slave driver. A Toa corrupted by the experiments of Makuta Chirox. Alive
MatoranHev Hev A female Ta-Matoran enslaved on Destral. Dlakii's younger sister, and full-time carer for her brother Lai. Alive
LaiShrunk Lai A Le-Matoran subjected to a Matoran Sphere prototype. He is Dlakii's younger brother. Alive
MatoranTrawla Trawla An Onu-Matoran enslaved on Destral. A friend of Harkha and an expert miner. Alive
Vortex Vortex A Le-Matoran enslaved on Destral. The leader of the defence team, he is somewhat unrestrained. Deceased
Rorm Rorm A Ta-Matoran enslaved on Destral. A member of the defence team, and a master craftsman who created the Toa Hagah's armour. Deceased
Noll Noll A Po-Matoran enslaved on Destral. A member of the defence team, who thinks the Makuta are practically saints. Deceased


  • LIGHT is the only comic series in existence thus far to have depicted all six Toa Hagah still in their Toa forms. Chances are, in the BionicleStory web serial Dwellers in Darkness, Greg Farshtey will flatly contradict every aspect of Dlakii's design.
  • Of the entire Unknown Turaga Saga so far, LIGHT is the only series which has allowed Guest Stars since the beginning.

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