Jacku charsheet

Species : Matoran
Comics : VakamaTK's Comics
Kanohi : Noble Ruru
Colors : Red, Light green
Element : Apple Jacks
Occupation : Killer of Apple Jacks
Tools : Usually dynamite
Location : VakamaTK's Comic Studio
Status : Angry at all Apple Jacks
Pronunciation : N/A
"Kill the Apple Jacks!"
— Jacku

Jacku is a Matoran in VakamaTK's Comics who, for some reason, hates Apple Jacks, which is even stranger because he is a matoran of Apple Jacks. This is the possible reason why he no longer lives with others of this matoran type.


Jacku was arrested by the Order of Mata Nui for trying to blow up the cereal section of a grocery store. He was then taken to the Daxia Insane Asylum.

He was then freed by being shot out of a cannon by someone whose sprite and name were censored because of spoilers. He landed in the same ship that VakamaTK was going to the Comic Land in, in the storing area. The first thing he saw when he recovered from the landing was a crate of Apple Jacks. The next thing the boat's passengers knew, the boat had somehow blown up.

Once he Joined VakamaTK's Comics

Jacku has always been attempting to destroy Apple Jacks. The other characters of the comics have to be careful not to leave any around. Also, he doesn't care about nature, which gets him into arguments with Ketru, one of Blade Titan974's characters.


  • VakamaTK thought up Jacku because, after eating a bowl of Apple Jacks every day for a long period of time, he really got sick of them.