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Species : Toa
Comics : Meanwhile, Results May Vary
Kanohi : Custom Mask
Colors : Brown, Orange
Element : Unknown
Occupation : Reporter
Tools : Unknown
Location : His Studio
Status : Alive
Pronunciation : N/A

Haku340 is a comic maker and creator of the series Meanwhile. He was also an author in Results May Vary. His current BZP name is Thomas the Tank Engine.

The Person


Haku340 was first introduced to the world of BZPower Comics when he accidentally clicked on a banner for VakamaTK's Comics. He read them, and was inspired to create his own comic series. For this series, he created a custom sprite pose and mask, and he sprited his own furniture. This new comic series would PGS a few of VTK's Characters, as well as VTK himself. He then opened a comic series called "Meanwhile".

He was also an author in the comic series "Results May Vary."


  • Haku340 is only allowed on the computer for 6 hours every day, and thus has trouble getting things done.
  • He hates caffeine, and all drinks with it.
  • His father is an Australian doctor close friends with Dr. Chris O'Brian.
  • He has decided not to make comics until he finishes his Comic Kit.

The Character

He is a news broadcaster in his comic series, "Meanwhile."

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