Species : Matoran
Comics : That's Messed Up: The Series
Kanohi : Akaku or Akaku Nuva
Colors : Red, Metru Red, and Metru Green
Element : Fire
Occupation : Unknown
Tools : Fire Scope
Location : Scrui-Nui
Status : Alive
Pronunciation : Anyone can say it.

Greenboots, later called Trevor, is a Ta-Matoran who has very rotten luck.


Kohu-Nui Era

Greenboots' history is a blur. He once belonged to an island known as Kohu-Nui, an urban location where the buildings and structures reach the sky and the lights create a bright yellow haze. Eventually, the island's Turaga decided to ship him to Karzahni to better serve the island, not knowing of his madness and that he would never see Greenboots again.

Scrui-Nui Era

Greenboots found his way to Scrui-Nui the way Tetrii did; launching himself from a cannon and ripping a hole between universes. After escaping from a group of psyco Matoran splotched with dirt, he joined up with Tetrii and Gerlicky for an all-out battle with the force driving them away.

That's Messed Up

After the defeat of the psyco Matoran and the arrival of some PGSs, Greenboots didn't do much, except for as an assistant to most when he wasn't busy. Eventually, a new dimension no one knew about was discovered, and Greenboots moved there with the rest. It was then that he changed his name to Trevor.

Trevor became a Toa after an unfortunate game show incident. This incident made him some new enemies, amongst them the HAZ-MAT Team.