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Godzilla is both a famous movie monster and a character in Philipnova798's Comic Factory 2.0.

Character Overview

Godzilla was born by the effects of the US dropping a nuke on Japan in World War 2. People feared him as his unstoppable wrath wreaked havoc among the citizens. He was killed by a weapon out at sea. Later, another Godzilla came and fought monsters like Gigan, King Kong, Rodan and Mothra. He has also become a pop culture icon and had his own American movie (where he was redesigned).

Role in Philipnova798's Comic Factory 2.0

Godzilla was actually a character before 2.0, in a early comic he faced the Toa Mata. When the comics came to be, he was introduced in the Road to Japan saga in part six. In this comic (and it's extremely long sequel) he attacked Japan once more. While Phil, a couple PGSes and Tarry were vacationing there. Gatling Gun Henry was summoned to go to The Comic Land to talk to the main members of the BZGuard.

More to come.

Other Appearances

Godzilla has appeared in The Mercenus Chronicles as one of Phil's 'friends' while he was both infected beyond belief and muscular. The comics also showed how Hukster got into the tree Rangan Mercenus and crew found him in. He is also making an appearance in Skorpyo's Comics in a short five part series known as Savior of Japan (It ties in with the actual Japan saga).

Godzilla might make a guest appearance in Project Unlikely but as an RZ sprite in scale with the characters.


  • In real life, Godzilla has appeared in 28 films throughout his life. The first one of them was released in 1954.
  • The Godzilla Picture used in Philipnova798's Comic Factory 2.0, The Mercenus Chronicles and Skorpyo's Comics is from Godzilla VS SpaceGodzilla.

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