Gatling Gun Henry


Species : Toa
Comics : Philipnova798's Comic Factory 2.0
Kanohi : Hau
Colors : copper, grey
Element : N/A
Occupation : Toa of Guns
Tools : his trademark Gatling Gun
Location : Hapori Nui
Status : Alive
Pronunciation : Gat-ling Gun Hen-ry

Gatling Gun Henry is a character in Philipnova798's comic Factory 2.0

Character Overview

Henry was originally a gun shop owner. He specialized in all kinds of guns and had his own Laser Tag hut next door to the shop. Unfortunately a bunch of BZGuards were in the area and blew up Henry's gun shop. His Parents who lived near the shop were happy that it blew. Henry survived with a gatling gun in his hands. He had nowhere to go and he didn't want to live with his parents again. He instead went to find a new job. That's when he came to Phil's comic studio and found a job there

Road To Japan

These comics Portrayed Henry differently. Instead of being a gun shop owner. He was a warrior for Japan was was one of the people who witnessed the original Godzilla die in 1955. He was summoned by his boss to stop the monster yet again(I don't understand either, it's just how these things work).

Other appearances

Henry appeared in Project Unlikely in a relatively major role. In which he was part of a plan in which he and Matoran gun nut Peter kidnapped Sir Pickles and Mr. Zimmwad. He also threw Zimmwad to stop Fourarms (although why he was on the villains side is unknown. Though it might be due to the fact that Henry was the only other Toa in the series, and thus was able to throw Zimmwad).


  • Henry hates his parents for making him do the cat's litter box.
    Wiki Pic 1

    Henry and his parents; one sappy family

  • Henry DID NOT provide the BZ-Guards with their "guns", or blaster pistols like he wants you to believe. It has been said by Mercenus that Visor Incorporated supplied them.
  • He was in jail for a year just for being friends with Swearing Steve.
  • Henry and Phil are the only ones to appear in all three comic series (the Pre BZP series, Philipnova798's comic factory 1.0 and 2.0). Henry will appear in the movie as well, in which he'll be voiced by Phil.
  • Henry is close friends with Rahvork of the Official Comic Land Lawfirm. Rahvork was also Henry's lawyer in a case against the PAG (Parents Against Guns) association.
  • Henry is also to have revealed to have a pink towel whenever he's in the bath. Exactly if he's not as manly as he claims to be is still uncertain, as Henry is normally embarrassed when the topic comes up.