Species : Toa
Comics : The Newsroom
Kanohi : Great Hau
Colors : Gray, Purple
Element : Mist
Occupation : Former Assistant Manager
Tools : N/A
Location : Channel Billion Studios
Status : At Channel Billion Studios
Pronunciation : doo-vehk

DudeNuva, formerly known as "Duvek", is a Toa of Mists. He is used in the works of Turaga Dlakii and the BZPower member DudeNuva.

In The Unknown Turaga Saga

See DudeNuva's page at The Unknown Turaga Wiki.

In The Newsroom

DudeNuva is the second-highest-ranking member of the Channel Billion Studios staff, right after Dlakii himself, and was often seen advising Dlakii in regards to the actions of Channel Billion. Even now, having escaped his old comics, he is still victimised by Tamaru.

Recently, he chose to quit his high rank, but was fired by Dlakii instead. He has since been re-hired, now sharing his status with Aoran. However, when he tried to gain entry into Channel Billion Studios, Lai barred entry for him, quickly throwing together a story and saying that Dlakii had revoked his access to the studio, then promptly died and was sucked into an alternate dimension.