The Dragon Matoran were the original inhabitants of Dracos Nui, an island far to the west of the Northern Continent, in The Unknown Turaga. They were massacred by the Shadow Dragons as a result of the Great Cataclysm; to this date, only one remains alive.


In form, the Dragon Matoran do not look much different from a normal Matoran; however, their masks had a tendency to be in the shape of Kanohi Nuva and other higher-level masks (as seen in a flashback in The Unknown Turaga). However, they are physically stronger than normal Matoran, as demonstrated by Proto D.

The defining feature of the Dragon Matoran is their ability to transform into a dragon form. Dragon Matoran have a slight excess of their elemental powers, and they can channel these powers via a "dragon stone" to turn into draconian forms. In these forms, they can use their elemental power, in the form of "Dragon Breath". They could remain in this form indefinitely, but due to its bulkiness, they did

Only three types of Dragon Matoran have existed: Ta-Matoran, Le-Matoran and Ko-Matoran. However, Dragon Matoran of any kind can be of either gender.


Now that the race is extinct, the history of the Dragon Matoran has been lost to time. It is known that they resided on Dracos Nui since before normal Matoran colonised the Northern Continent.

The first in a long line of Dracos Nui wars occurred shortly after the Great Cataclysm. The Shadow Dragons swept onto the island and slaughtered the Dragon Matoran. Only Proto D survived, at which point he fled Dracos Nui, eventually arriving on Mata Nui.

Proto D is still alive as of the end of the Dracos Nui conflict, having assisted with the fall of the Shadow Dragons. However, he is still the only Dragon Matoran left, and it is unlikely that there is any way for more to come into existence.


  • Dragon Matoran are capable of becoming Toa. Three such Dragon Toa were seen in a flashback in The Unknown Turaga, and a white Dragon Toa was seen being killed by a Shadow Dargon.