Dino Girl

Dino Girl

Species : Matoran/Dinoasur Hybrid
Comics : Philipnova798's Comic Factory 2.0
Kanohi : T-rex head
Colors : Blue with Yellow eyes
Element : N/A
Occupation : Comic Character
Tools : Her Jaws and Tail
Location : Phil's Comic Studio
Status : Alive
Pronunciation : Dy-no Girl

Dino Girl is a character in Philipnova798's Comic Factory 2.0

Character Overview

Dino Girl is a mix between a Ga-Matoran and a dinosaur (hence the name Dino Girl). She is a special kind of Matoran that were born with Dino heads instead of masks. When she was old enough to find a job, she applied for a job in Phil's comics. She got the job right on the spot.

Other appearances

Dino Girl had an appearance with Random Blue Matoran In The Mercenus Chronicles in Phillipnova's guest star serial. This appearance was only brief, Dino Girl ran towards Philipnova798's body as he had fell through a wall, crying her eyes out.


  • Originally, she was a genetically made Matoran, This has since been corrected. This error still remains in the first season character sheet.
  • Dino Girl was at first, one of the candidates for Project Unlikely, but due the the comics being in RZ and the difficulty of making a T-Rex head (and tail) to fit an RZ sprite, she was scraped before the final sheets were created.
  • She is also the first of the cast to appear in a close up shot (aside from Phil). This close up was made by Phil, Not Rangan Mercenus.
  • She will appear in Philipnova798's Comic Factory The Movie- Attack of Dr. Madness.