Dark709's Comics


Author(s) : Dark709
Current Season : 4.0
Medium : Razor (Seasons 1 and 2), Chimoru 1.0 (Season 3), Chimoru Omega (Season 4)
Island : The Comic Land
Main Enemies : Sir Pickles
Number of Movies : 3
Started On : July 13 2004
Location : Dark709's Comic Studio
Status : Extremely popular
Pronunciation : "N/A"

Dark709's Comics were created by Dark709 on July 13, 2004. They are one of the most popular comics on BZPower, and the page number of the topic is in the 220's. Guest Star Abuse was a very common theme in the comics.

The Comics

See List of Dark709's Comics for a comprehensive list.

Season 1

Season 1 was like most other comics at the time. They featured poor white backgrounds with occasional color and the humor wasn't the best. Despite this, they earned a steady fanbase. A notable Guest Star was Akano. They used Razor.

Season 2

Season 2 featured colored backgrounds to represent a studio and occasional others such as from the Mata Nui Online Game (in Come Here Tiki!).

This season boosted the comics into popularity and featured many guest stars. They again used Razor. They were so popular a Dark709 fansite popped up in Freewebs by a BZPower member.

The season ended with the legendary Dark709's Comics: The Movie and notably featured the lightsaber duel between Dark709 and Sir Pickles as well as Malice Borg.

Season 3

Season 3 introduced Chimoru 1.0, the first version of the famous Chimoru kit. The main villain Sir Pickles became Darth Pickles.

The comics remained popular and the backgrounds became slightly better but somehow it wasn't as popular as Season 2.

The second movie was released.

Season 4

The current season featured a MAJOR redesign, Dark709's GIMP skills drastically improved leaving room for cartoony but original and pleasing backgrounds, the introduction of Chimoru Omega and more effects.

The comics became extremely popular and the topic has over 200 pages.

The third movie was begun in 2008, but after a few years in production, was temporarily postponed so Dark could work on the comic series, which had become more and more inactive. The comic series became steadily more active, until BZP went down. The series is awaiting continuation since BZP came back.


  • Dark709 for Chimoru 1.0 and Chimoru Omega
  • Marty Razor Kirra for Razor
  • All Backgrounds Made by Dark709 (except where noted)


Good Guys

Character Description
Dark709 The main character. He is an infected Matoran, but he is not evil at all. He is also the author of these comics.
Bob He is currently a dumb matoran who loves cookies. He used to be the Toa of Baked Goods, though.
Torri Torri He is an ex-Le-Matoran, and he used to always get beaten up by his shadow, Shadow.
Shadow The former archnemesis (and shadow) of Torri Torri.
Onepu Nuva An Onu-Matoran with one huge head that came to Dark709's comics after a failed attempt to make himself a Toa that only affected his head, so now he has a purple (Matoran) Pakari Nuva.
Zacku A mean Ga-Matoran. Tiki is her follower.
Tiki Zacku's only follower. She is not an extremely fat and hated chatterbox.
Newsy A Ko-Matoran who is always reading the newspaper.
Whenua The insane Turaga of Onu-Koro who was sentenced to live in Dark's comics for burning the old folks at the old folks home (which used to be Pickles's lair).
Arnold Kanohiwrangler The buff matoran who is a Dark709-version of Arnold Schwarzenegger and is Dark's newest bodyguard.
Toa Nuva The six Toa Nuva and Takanuva (whom has a crush on Light907).
Light907 Dark709's sister and former female Toa of Light (now a matoran). Hates Takanuva, Zacku, and Tiki.
Bob's parents Bob's old parents.
Movie Specials Some characters who appear in the movies, and some comics.
Guest Stars Good guys that appear in only one comic.
Co-Authors The staff of Dark709's Comics since Season 4.0.

Bad Guys

Character Description
Sir. Pickles The main antagonist of the comics. He is always trying to kill Dark709 and became Darth Pickles after a cool Star-Wars knock-off movie battle with Dark. He is also a member on BZPower.
Rahkshi Pickle's servants. They left Makuta after finding out they were adopted (only in Dark709's comics). After the movie, only Lerahk survived, which is said below.
Lerahk He is the only Rahkshi who survived the comic land war. He loves Sprite so much that he can only usually say Sprite and versions of the word Sprite.
Mr. Zimmwad Sir. Pickles's stupid henchman. He has 10 clones who lived after (and were created during) the first movie. The other clones died.
Sir. Fluffums of Zanya Sir. Pickles's Cyborg pet cat. IQ higher than Zimmwadd.
Malice Borg He was once a Boboobian named Bormatu, but he was corrupted. Later, the Guardian and his apprentices tried to drain Bob's power, resulting in the creation of Malice Borg.
Hapori Dume He was once one of the two rulers of Hapori-Nui, but he went mad and was imprisoned in battle against his late brother Hapori Tohu, although Tohu was reverted into a Matoran in the process. The Vahki were made in his image.
Mortahk A green character who assisted Hapori Dume in his battle against Hapori Tohu. Not much is known about him, except his first appearance is in Part 3 of The Third Movie and looks like a giant Pakari/Pakari Nuva-faced Piraka with green armor and claws, a black interior, and a double-bladed sword with one end similar to Superkid11's pizza sword and an Inika weapon merged and the other similar to Lhikan's Skyboard. He is currently attacking the Comic Land in with his army of Zoraks.

Guest Stars

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