Species : Robot built with Cybertronian Technology
Comics : Philipnova798's Comic Factory 2.0
Kanohi : None
Colors : Blueish body, Yellow eyes
Element : N/A
Occupation : Bob's battle Bot
Tools : As cookiebot 1.0: N/A, as Cookiebot 2.0: Tank Turret, Jet lasers
Location : Formerly: Koi Boy's Lab, Currently: Junkyard
Status : Offline
Pronunciation : Cook-ie-bot

Cookiebot is one of the many characters in Philipnova798's Comic Factory 2.0

Character Overview

Cookie bot is bob's life sized Transformer. It of course, turns into a cookie. Although Bob thinks he is king of robot building. He actually stinks at it.

Life as Cookiebot 1.0

When Bob first built Cookiebot. He challenged many robots (the ones you find in those robot matches like Robot Wars or BattleBots) and beat them every time. The real challenge came when a new PGS known as Bionicle Dragon (the author of Generic Quest) came. To Bionicle Dragon, It seemed like Bob was threatening him (you see, Bob doesn't like PGSes). Bob introduced the new member of the comics with an unwelcome hello. Bob didn't realize that the gun Bionicle Dragon had Megatron. Cookiebot was quickly destroyed and Bob had to resort to 'plan B' (which was the Energizer Bunny). 'Plan B' was greeted with laughs from everyone (except Bob).

As Cookiebot 2.0

After the defeat of the original Cookiebot. Bob went back to the drawing board and improved on the old design. This new Cookiebot was now able to turn into a jet and a tank in addition to the original cookie mode. Unfortunately, this version of Cookiebot was killed by Kaboutops Man's pet Rahkshi Pretzel. Bob replied with I'm telling and took off, carrying the remains of his own invention. Cookie bot was taken to the junkyard. Never to be used or heard from again.