Bradbot picture

Species : "Enigma" class service droid
Comics : The Mercenus Chronicles
Kanohi : None
Colors : Orange Mask, black torso, grey feet, grey legs
Element : None
Occupation : Assistant
Tools : It's own bare fists
Location : Current: An apartment in BZ-metru, Former: A small shop selling mechanical parts
Status : Updating it's hardware
Pronunciation : Brad-bot

The Bradbot4000 is a droid created by Bradon. It is a character in The Mercenus Chronicles.

Fictional Biography

Pre-Mercenus Chronicles

Bradbot4000 is an enigma class service droid that was constructed by Bradon with the remains of a stasis pod and a dead ussal crab, Bradbot accompanied his master throughout the early days of their comic land adventures, and assisted Bradon in constructing their shop. However, that all changed when a "Matoran" fell from the sky.

The Mercenus Chronicles

The Fall of the Shop

Bradbot accompanied Bradon into investigating a crash that errupted 100 yards from the coast; it turned out to be Bradon's hut being crushed by a strange artefact. Bradon, heartbroken by the destruction of his hut, moaped and moaned quietly as the Bradbot4000 made a short scan of th area, quickly picking up life signs. According to his scanners, the target was failing on all life signs. After digging the character out, it turns out to be Rangan Mercenus, a humanoid in Matoran carapace. Rangan asked where he was, what he was wearing and who the two characters in front of him are. To answer this, Bradbot started part one of Bradbot's Tour of Hapori Nui, to which Rangan found The Comic land a pleasant place. However, Bradon stated that he'll "Hate part 2...". Rangan, Bradbot and Bradon then headed to the cantina, but were ambushed by salesmen. After a struggle for sanity, they finally pushed through the crowds of salesman and ended up in the cantina.

The Cantina

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Personality and traits

Bradbot, being a robot, has no true personality; The machine instead has a set of commands implamented in it's head to do a certain action of emotion when necessary. Bradbot has been seen as being exceptionally strong, as shown when Bradbot managed to take out a whole row of SPAM when throwing Bradon like a Bowling ball.


  • Every character will change in some shape or form throughout the story. It is unknown how Bradbot will change.
  • The Bradbot's design was based on an MOC that the author made when he ran out of Mc-toran torsos, after a quick though through, the author decided to make these mechanical service droids.
  • It hasn't been stated whether the backstory Bradon created was legitimant, so the origins of Bradbot may also be different.