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Author(s) : Blade Titan974
Current Season : 1.5
Medium : Chimoru Omega
Island : Meta-Nui
Main Enemies : Storm Lasher479
Number of Movies : None
Started On : January 25, 2008
Location : Blade Titan974's Hut
Status : Temporary Hiatus
Pronunciation : N/A

Blade Titan974's Comics were obviously made by Blade Titan974 on January 25 2008. Comics 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 8 introduced the characters. There has been 15 main series comics, 2 fillers, 4 GS comics, 11 specials, and 5 fan comics, and 25 CAC comics. There are also several PGSes, and there's currently one saga so far.

The topic has been temporarily closed. Blade has said that "If I don't release it by January 1, I shall stab myself."


Meta-Nui: The Adventure Begins...

When Blade first joined BZP, his goal was to make his epic titled "Meta-Nui: The Adventure Begins...". However, it turned out being unsuccessful and poorly written. This was the original story of Meta-Nui, which was to be a large epilogue of sorts to the canon Bionicle storyline. Main article coming soon.

The New Beginning

After MN:TAB closed, Blade made no effort to redo it. Mostly due to the fact that he made it right on the spot when posting a new chapter. However, later, he found Dark709's Comics which, of course, inspired him to make comics. And, after seeing other good comics such as That's Messed Up: The Series and Takuma Nuva's MNOLG-style Comics, he did just that.

After deciding to do so, he started to think up characters with the help Stealth Hunter, who is actually one of Blade's friends in real life. First, Blade began with a simple comic that used some of Dark's old backgrounds. Then, he had made better backgrounds and started to become a little more creative with jokes, resulting in comics 2 to 5. And so, Blade Titan974's Comics began.

Rise in Popularity

After making several comics, Blade's comics had been pretty popular for a first-time-comic series. And then, next thing Blade knew, he had more guest star requests then he thought he would have, resulting in the 20 that he still needs to do. And, after beginning, Blade had began making Holiday Specials, beginning with Gerlicky's Birthday. The comics were rising very high in popularity at this time.

Drop in Production

However, after a while, production started to decrease. Comics took a lot longer to be made. This eventually resulted in the discontinuation of the GS comics and Specials. Around comic 9, Blade got addicted to a game. Although, this turned out to give Blade the idea of comic 9, Blade still made comics rather slowly. But, each comic did become a lot longer, although they had higher quality. Of course, again, this made Blade take weeks to make comics. He became very frustrated and annoyed at this.

Quest for the Meta Sword

Finally, a year after the premier of these comics, Blade began the comic's first saga, Quest for the Meta-Sword. Around the premier, production had improved. Comics took about three weeks. Even for comic 13, which was entirely animated. But, of course, Blade than again lapsed into a less productive period.


Despite the fact that the final Co-Author Contest comic was originally to be released before, the comics are technically going through a hiatus. This is so Blade can settle and improve things, and to start fresh again. The new season is currently slated for a Fall 2009 release.

Co-Author Contest

The Co-Author Contest was, obviously, a contest to find Blade a Co-Author. He had numerous people enter, including Aquatic Lewa, Haku340, VakamaTK, Reflum, Tahuninja, Dr. Kohls, Colenuva, and Kahinuva. It was then confirmed that VakamaTK would be a Co-Author. Kahinuva was later revealed to be another Co-Author. The other Co-Authors are yet to be revealed.


Blade's Posse

Unofficial name. All those who are currently or going to join Blade on his quest to stop Storm.

Character Description
Blade Titan974 The main character. Now a mature Matoran determined to defeat Storm. Who loves muffins.
Stealth Hunter575 An old friend of Blade, he is specializes in sneaking missions. And now, I don't know what else to say.
Shadow Warrior820 Shadow is another one of Blade's old friends. He is pretty tough, and he can control shadows. Awesome.
Chokii As the chocolate loving character, Chokii is naturally stupid. 'Nuff said.
Onepu Formerly smart, Onepu is determined to find his "lost intelligence".
Tekatu Before, he was stupid and immature, but he has apparently growing out of it. Still, he isn't the brightest of the posse.
Ketru Ketru doesn't have a specific reason to be in the quest. Besides helping his buddies. And that's what's being put here because I'm not sure what else to put. Besides he's a tree huger.
Katoka As the tactician of the group, she usually makes all the plans. And now, she can control lightning. Sweet.
Kohan A new buddy of Blade, he wants to help him so that he will be able to learn more about his father on the quest.
??? Upcoming friend.
??? Upcoming friend.

Storm's Alliance

Unofficial name All those who are helping Storm to achieve his goal. Many of those current or upcoming are unknown.

Character Description
Storm Lasher479 The main villain. Storm's plan is unknown, but he is after the Meta Sword. And if he does...Well, that would be bad.
Dark Panther Currently second in command leader of the Alliance. Has the ability to become a horrible beast. His full abilities are unkown.
Battle Arachnoid General of the Silvahk. Able to control webs and such with his Staff of Webs. A formidable foe in battle.
Aether Teratu's aid. She wants to become Queen, which somehow connects to helping Storm. She commands the Black Aether guards, a part of the Alliance's armies.
Kiera The leader of the Black Aether. However, he was forced to do so because he fears Aether's powers. Trust me, it's scary.
Silvahk S0001 Second in command leader of the Silvahk. After being beaten several times by the Posse, he REALLY wants to own them.
Silvahk S0000.5 The prototype unit of the current Silvahk. He turned out perfectly, except for his brain.
Napoleon aka Silvahk S555 A new type of Silvak, unit SDR-555, aka Napoleon, is the only current Silvahk Diplomatic Representative of Storm Lasher479.
??? Upcoming villain.
??? Upcoming villain.


Permanent guest stars, usually from BZP, who appear in these comics as part of Blade's posse.

Character Description
Gerlicky Gerlicky is one of Blade's friends on BZPower. He is smart, and he uses the Plasma Saber, Blade Titan's gift for him on his birthday. He has now retired from the series.See Also:User:Gerlicky
Takuma Nuva Another one of Blade's friends on BZP. He is also smart, but so far he doesn't get enough lines because Blade can't think of anything really good for him to say.

See Also: User:Takumalight

VakamaTK Yet another one of Blade's friends on BZP. Sadly, he has the same situation as Takuma.

See Also: User:VakamaTK

Destr Destr is actually a friend from the Russian Bionicle forum, RusBionicle. It's a long story how Blade and him became friends.
Kahinuva Kahinuva was one of the winners of the Co Author contest as well as a good friend of Blade's.

See Also: User:Kahinuva


Known and unknown guardians of the Meta Sword.

Character Description
Ice Monster Silhouette seen at the end of comic 15. Guardian of the Frost Key.
??? Guardian of the Ga Meta key. (Name unknown)
??? Guardian of the Ta Meta key. (Name unknown)

There may be more.


Character Situation
Cin-Gali's Fan He competed against Chokii to see whose the better levitater.
~Toa Lesovikk~ He was hired by Storm Lasher to kill Blade Titan despite the fact that they are friends.
Zakitano Zakitano attacks Wal-Mart, and soon Blade Titan and Gerlicky join in the fun.
Aquatic Lewa Gets hypnotized by Storm to kill Blade.
Takuma Nuva ?????
VakamaTK ?????
Scythrax: Toa of cheese ?????
Lerman the cyber toa ?????
Reflum ?????
Coleanuva ?????
Hero100 ?????
Hojirick ?????
Johnuva the Toa of Stealth ?????
Blademan Toa of Eternal Doom ?????
Gavla ?????
Philipnova798 ?????
Tahuninja ?????
Haku340 ?????
Terra Nuva ?????
Edapurg The News Reporter ?????

Co-Authors/Co-Author Candidates

CA/CAC Position And Number Of Comics
Haku340 CAC. 5 comics.
Reflum CAC. 3 comics.
Tahuninja CAC. 4 comics.
VakamaTK CA. 2 comics.
Aquatic Lewa CAC. 3 comics.
Coleanuva CAC. 4 comics
Dr. Khols CAC. 2 comics
Kahinuva CA 2. comic

Recurring Characters

Characters that often appear or are referred to. Some may have larger roles later on.

Character Description
Glablob Err...He's some kind of mutant worm thing who always says "Meatball!". He's not too much of a minor character, and he's one of Chokii's best friends.
Teratu The current king of Meta-Nui. He is supposed to be a great ruler, but Aether hypnotized him to become a terrible leader.

The Comics

See List of Blade Titan974's Comics.


Also known as sagas, story arcs, etc. Events are basically major things that happen on Meta-Nui. Some are like movies, except only some parts animated. Blade plans to do five events, a few of them being full movies. Blade plans to make 5 events.

Quest For The Meta Sword

And so, it begins...

The first event of the series. Basically, it's about Blade and co trying to beat Storm to the legendary Meta Sword. But before doing so, they need to collect three keys. And all three have guardians they need to beat in order to get them. Plus, they must avoid ambushes from Storm's Silvahk and most likely the Black Aether.

Rising Suns

Rather than being an entirely new saga, Rising Suns is a new section of sorts of QFTMS, created as a season two of the comics.

Rising Suns will include a variety of updates, such as a largely improved Comic Kit and improved graphics. Rising Suns also premiers Life on Meta-Nui (See below.)

Blade has many plans for the premier, but Blade has said that in order to do them all, RS's original release date may have to be postponed.

Unknown Second Event

A while ago, Blade had officially announced the second event. However, the only known information is that a new female character will be introduced. Blade has also confirmed that the comics will be "going everywhere," and has said that guest stars will be given a special role.

Life on Meta-Nui

The simple days...

This side-series is meant to continue the original, classic studio-comics outlook, showing humor as a break from QFTMS. The series mostly revolves around an "alternate universe" version of Meta-Nui (Which is pretty much the cast still living in Blade's Hut), and events before or during QFTMS behind the scenes, with occasional parodies and such.

LoMN is to be released with Rising Suns.

Video Game Adaptions

Main Article: Blade Titan974's Comics: The Game Coming Soon


  • Dark709 for Chimoru Omega and several other stuff.
  • Gerlicky for being my first PGS and for providing most of the colors I used.
  • Cin - Gali's fan for being my first GS.
  • Lerman the cyber toa for making the first fan comic.
  • VakamaTK for the nice animated banner and some contributions to the Sprite Kit.
  • Toranova for the shiny banner.
  • The CAs and CACs for entertaining the fans while I work.
  • Haku340 for the CAC banners
  • The Contributors of Chimoru Omega for some things I use.


  • The "12:21" in "Meet Katoka" was the actual time that panel was made.
  • Gerlicky's original Plasma Saber is actually a recolored version of the "Z-Saber" from Mega Man Zero.
  • Dark Panther and Battle Arachnoid have there names because they match with Storm Lasher (They're all 2008 Exo-Force set names), and they have Beast Forms that resemble their names.
  • Blade Titan974 now has permission to use Dark709's expressions.
  • These comics are NOT studio comics, due to the fact that there will be an actual storyline, and these don't even take place in a studio.
  • The new female character who will appear in the second event has already been seen.
  • While the Co-Author Application contest ended in June, Blade extended the time for Kahinuva since (at that time) he was a relativity new member and had not made a comic before.
  • Kahinuva redid Blade's living room and bedroom plus all his furniture in Six Shade for his CAC comic.
  • Many of Blade Titan974s fans have admitted to have not posted for the majority of the time they have spent reading his comics.
  • QFTMS's tag line is "And so, it begins...", based on the tag line of Blade's original epic, "Meta-Nui: The Adventure Begins..."
  • Comic 12's title is also based on the title of the same epic.
  • Life on Meta-Nui can be considered a revised version of Blade's canceled comedy of the same name.

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