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The BZPower Comics Wiki, formerly known as the Comic Land Wiki, is a Wikia wiki which exists to document the rich and vibrant culture and works of the denizens of BIONICLE Artwork III: BIONICLE Comics, a subforum of BZPower, the world's largest LEGO BIONICLE fansite.



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The BZPower Comics Wiki was created on May 23, 2008, as "The Comic Land Wiki," byt Tavakai, then known as VakamaTK. Shortly after its creation, Blade Titan974 was made the wiki's second administrator. The site grew quickly in the following months. Two more admins were hired, and in December 2008, the site's name was changed to "the BZPower Comics Wiki" to reflect the wider range of comics present.

Over the course of the next three years, the wiki grew to include over 900 content pages (and over 4500 pages overall).

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Allowed Articles

Users on the BZP Comics Wiki are allowed to create whatever pages, categories, and templates they need, within reason, in order to provide information on their comics. The wiki is only to be used as a reference site for a comic series' content, not as a substitute for a BZPower topic or as a BZPower/BIONICLE reference site.

More information regarding this topic can be found at Help:Editing and in the wiki's primary rules.

Protected Pages

The BZPower Comics Wiki protects its pages against editing by unregistered users and users that have not been email-confirmed by Wikia. This is done as a result of a history of spam and vandalism on the wiki by anonymous users, as well as some registered. Pages that have an affect on multiple areas of the site, such as article management templates, are protected from editing by non-staff members.


There are currently six staff members on the site: four administrators and two moderators.



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