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"Ahkmou" derives from official BIONICLE canon. For information on on Ahkmou's role therein, please see this article from the BS01 Wiki.
"I'm ranting to an empty room, aren't I?"
-Ahkmou, The Pirogi Vampire


Species : Matoran
Comics : The Pirogi Vampire
Kanohi : Raukahn
Colors : Brown, Grey
Element : Stone
Occupation : Comic Stealer
Tools : Disc Launcher
Location : Evil Lair
Status : Evil
Pronunciation : AHK*moo

Ahkmou, though similar to Sir Pickles in many ways, is the villain of The Pirogi Vampire, and has actually begun to take a different role than the usual one. Ahkmou has often been labeled as incompetent by fans, yet he has had schemes that came close to success in the past. He has two minions in his alliance: Mr. Fluffy and Makuta Zakitano.


To tell the truth, Ahkmou is a little blank and cliche, though he shows a preference towards to styles of hostile takeover- highly-advanced gadgets or rushing into the studio with no plan in mind.

Other Appearances

Ahkmou is set to appear in Philipnova798's Comic Factory 2.0. As a Toa Metru of Stone, he was going to be a major character in Toa Metru: Take Two until the series was temporarily discontinued.