Species : Matoran
Comics : None
Kanohi : Avohkii
Colors : Look at the picture!
Element : Unknown, possibly fire and ice.
Occupation : Comic Character, Everything Critic, Team Captain (Nerf Saga and Paintball Saga)
Tools : His words
Location : Cyberspace
Status : Alive
Pronunciation : VANSE

"Why am I even here?"

Vance in The Serpent of the Nile.

Vance is a character in SybreNetX, playing the rival of the author. He is rarely happy and hates being forced to do things. He loves nothing more than to crush Sybre's spirit.


  • He loves America and shows it.
  • At first his name was Ven, but Sybre found out that there was a BZPower member of the same name, so he changed Ven's name to Vance, which means "valor".

    Vance, the red and white one, startled at Sybre's violent ranting.

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