Species : Matoran
Comics : None
Kanohi : Kiril
Colors : Gunmetal Grey, Metru Red
Element : Fire, Shadows
Occupation : Comic Character, Groundbreaking Scientist
Tools : His experimental weapons
Location : Cyberspace
Status : Alive
Pronunciation : NOO-tun

Nootun is a character in the comic series SybreNetX. He is a magnificent scientist who joined Sybre's cast to study the habits of comic characters along with the villains. He has not appeared yet due to the forum upgrading. He knows many astonishing sercrets about the other characters but keeps them under wraps.


  • His name is a pun on Isaac Newton, a ground breaking scientist who lived during the 1600-1700s.
  • Nootun was at first going to possibly be accident prone one. But his name earned him his personality. It will possibly Konado who is the accident prone one.
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